Why India should build Smart City in Prefab technology?



India is all set to construct Smart City to revamp their urban scenario. Ending all the speculation Indian Govt has announced the first 20 names out of the 98 shortlisted for the ‘Smart Cities Mission’.


Some of us are jubilant, few are sceptic, a horde of people are reminding about challenges of the mission. However, there is a no doubt the Smart Cities are the need of the hour.


In the middle of “what”, “if” and “but” regarding the Smart City Mission, we at Prefab Infra proposes that Let’s make a Smart India in Prefab method.



Why not finalize our Smart Cities in prefab method? That’s the question we first ask to us with conviction. And now the same question we want to ask to India with double conviction and a definite answer.

Why should India build Smart Cities in prefab method? Before answering the question we need to first know what is Smart City.


What is a Smart City after all?

Though the concept is subjected to change in different domains and milieu, a Smart City can be defined as-

 “A  city which uses information and communication technologies (ICT) to enhance quality, performance and interactivity of urban services. With these measures it aims to reduce costs and resource consumption and to improve contact between citizens and government”.

 Experts having different school of thought have tagged the “Eco-Friendly status on the Smart City asking it to maintain certain guidelines.

The brick and mortars of Smart City can vary but our answer to India’s urban development problem is short, simple and sweet. We call it “Prefab” though its good name is “Prefabricated”.  Eager to know the reasons behind our claim? Let’s start the prefab mission with us…


Faster Construction: Yes. You read it right. Sorry to frustrate if you were expecting some complicated engineering term. But, Prefab Infra considers “Faster and Timely Construction” should be the first-most aim of a successful Smart Cities Mission.

Why so? Let’s look at the number first…


  • As per study India’s urban population is set to rise by more than 400 million to 814 million by 2050.
  • In order to manage the massive growth Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced that 100 smart cities would come up by 2022. In the next two phases, the government is likely to name 80 more cities to be developed as smart cities.


Street traffic on a rainy evening, Calcutta Kolkata India

Above statistics call for fast action and Prefab is the name of that action.


Built in factory and assembled in location Prefab method can give quick and massive supply of residential and commercial building in Smart Cities Mission.

Furthermore, the hassle free construction process can complete Smart City project at lighting speed. Because of the closet door preparation Prefab construction does not face natural hazards. Even issues like labor unrest, materials shortage never stall prefab’s construction.


Waste Management: As per the Govt guidelines a Smart City should have “a waste management system that removes household and commercial garbage, and disposes of it in an environmentally and economically sound manner”.


Why not take the first step of waste management during construction?  We question again.


Prefab construction maintains the “3 Rs” of Waste Management which are reduce, reuse and recycle.


Improved management, efficient materials procurement and streamlined production practices manage the task with ease.




Got the message. But will you elaborate the mantra of “3Rs”? Certainly. Here it go…

Reducing waste & stress: Proper planning and through surveillance during factory works keep the wastage materials at bay. A smooth assemble at location repeats it at on site work.

Reusing junk: Prefab technology is built upon flexibility. Each of it’s elements can be reused if needed. For example the surplus wood of the house building can be utilized for interior decoration.

Recycling life: Prefab construction uses materials such as aluminum , expanded polystyrene (EPS)  which are easy to recycle.


Now who has given so much green thought behind a Smart City? Well, prefab does that. Because we know in face of a sinister called environmental pollution we need to “kill the cat on the first night”. Old proverbs are always right. Aren’t they?


Sustainable Environment: Eco-friendly and Prefab homes are just synonyms. Now when the waste is under control, the battle is half won. Thanks to Prefab’s smart technology which can do such wonder.

Control over extra materials? Check. Less pollution during assemble? Check. Renewable materials? Check. Usage of environment friendly materials? Check.

All these facilities make prefab construction a smart commercial/residential space which will conserve energy, produce less waste and ensure an environmental friendly living.




Now think about the scenario in larger scale and you will get a perfect Smart City ready to serve commitment towards nature. But, it is only feasible with prefab method.

Can we add the word “prefab” as an optional synonym of “Smart”. Just a thought!!!


Affordable housing: Smart Cities Mission and urbanization go hand in hand and Indian govt wants to set up living space for the people with low economic status.

At a glance it seems impossible because of the requirement of the Smart City which include convenient urban transport system, needful IT connectivity, proper measure of health and education.

They will add weight to the expenditure posing a threat to build homes for poor.

With the Prefab construction, the problem can be resolved easily.




The beauty of the prefab is its strength to produce quality building in low budget. There is no concern of delay in work. Majority of works are done in factory where the weather will not stall work giving a headache to the budget.

Advantages like materials reusing and zero labor problems will never allow the budget to soar high. Result, a home for everyone. Or, should we call prefab home for everyone.


Smart Cities are the future of India. A lot is at stake on the smart city for a better, smarter and greener India. It needs proper implementation. Prefab is that smart answer. We have the belief.


Do you share our conviction? Do you think India’s Smart Cities Mission should be a prefab one? Share your view at comment box. 

image courtesy: gov.in, wikipedia.org, flickr, thehindu.com.


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