Why Prefab Homes are best for eco-friendly living?

Prefab Eco friendly

Can a house save nature? Well, a well planned Prefabricated or Prefab homes can.

In face of the growing pollution throughout the world, people are searching for an apt option of eco-friendly living space.

Prefabricated homes and not the conventional construction wins the race here.

Why Conventional Construction is not eco-friendly? 

Open air conventional construction is not compatible with nature’s safety. Manufactured over a long period of time they have silent contribution to worldwide pollution.

As per a survey, total construction and demolition waste for England was estimated at 77.4 million tonnes in 2010. And, the UK construction industry is responsible for 32% of all landfill waste.

Considering the developed nation tag, that’s some serious stat. And. this is mostly due to the conventional construction process.

Now, the question is Why Prefab is eco-friendly?

Let’s start a debate with perks of prefab and pathos of conventional construction on.

Prefab takes control of Air Pollution: A major threat, air pollution has been a long headache for environment. And there is no sign of reduction.

A recent WHO report said, 98% of cities in low- and middle income countries do not meet air quality guidelines. However, in high-income countries, that stat stands at 56%.

Prefab construction process can solve the problem here.

Due to the open process, conventional construction generate dust, a poisonous mixture of concrete, cement, wood, stone and silica. And even more vicious chemical particles which easily gets mixed in the air during construction process.

More time consuming the construction is, air gets more polluted. Construction dust is known as PM10 . Less than 10 microns in diameter and invisible to bare eye, conventional construction does harm without our awareness.

With Prefab, there is no question of air pollution. Thanks to it’s enclosed construction system, it never produces those poisonous dust and debris in the open site and thereby minimizes chances of air pollution.
Prefab reduces Waste Pollution: Modern civilization has given the birth of waste pollution. More it is expanding inch by inch, the sustainability of the nature is facing more challenges.

Prefab construction can turn the table here.

Planned prefab construction is executed in a closed factory and reduces producing and manhandling of waste. The left out of the chemicals and poisonous materials have no scope to intoxicate the surrounding in a closed prefab construction. The science of prefab ends pollution chances from the very beginning.

On the other hand, conventional construction ruins the nature with massive waste pollution.
Rubble of concrete, bricks, wood, lumber, roofing, drywall, landscape and wasted paint or other chemical from traditional construction produce threatening waste repository.

That waste repository if not vacated or deposited in proper way, can lead to more vitiating result such as soil pollution and water pollution.

And Prefab construction has some exclusive features which make it as an obvious choice to be your best eco-friendly house.

Eco-friendly home is standing upon three axis. They are-

  • Less energy needs.
  • Lower carbon footprint or carbon emission.
  • Usage of the recycled products

Energy Efficiency: Prefab construction is powered by energy efficiency qualities. And they realize the goals in some cool way-

a) From the very beginning of the construction period prefab method goes like a well oiled machine reducing the chances of energy consumption. While other construction modes are trying to cope with the energy-efficiency issues after finishing the house, prefab sorted the problem from the very base. Literally!!!

b) And plays the trump card later in the construction period. Prefab Construction, being a flexible method is open to wide range of architectural options. Constant monitoring and surveillance during close door construction provide an extra edge to Prefab method. Modern architectures are utilizing-

  • Net-zero water and energy use strategies.
  • Airtight construction.
  • High-efficiency heating and cooling to passive solar.
  • Radiant heat flooring.
  • Plumbing consists of corrosion-resistant PEX tubing instead of copper pipes.
  • “Off-the-grid” package with a rainwater catchment roof and storage cistern.

Collectively, all these characteristics reduces carbon emission beside ensuring energy-efficiency living.

c) Prefab construction’s energy efficiency depends a lot on the flooring and wall panels. Thanks to it’s flexibility and compatibility, architectures have freedom to use such technologies.

Using gypsum-based, prefabricated composite panels sandwiched around concrete to save energy or complete the flooring with bamboo or woods or terracotta for cooling atmosphere– Prefab cuts every risks of pollution.

Utilizing Recycling Products: Prefab construction is famous for its capacity to use recycled products.

The recycled or reclaimed products are mostly used in interior decoration of any prefab construction. Using the surplus steel, metals or CDW (Construction and Demolition Waste) for recycling, the prefab construction scores extra pollution free goals.

Entire prefab construction takes place in the closed factory giving complete freedom to adapt the recycling process for maximum times.

With the advent of modern technologies, the Prefab Construction is using landfills, such as left over plastics to construct home parts.

And surprisingly, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Options of using recycled products are wide with the Prefab construction.

What are the benefits of an eco-friendly construction?

Eco-friendly construction is blessed with energy saving attributes. But, the score-sheet does not end here. There are additional perks of an eco friendly living places. Such as-

Economic Benefits – Eyes rolled? Yes, eco-friendly homes save a lot of bucks in longer run. And energy efficiency plays a big role here certainly. In addition of that, eco-friendly homes have-

  • Lower building material cost due to the usage of the recycled products.
  • Less maintenance cost.

Health Benefits – Does it need explanation? Eco-friendly houses are built for healthy living. The eco friendly living place has-

  • Natural lighting
  • Organic and chemical-free building materials
  • Highly-improved air quality and better emission process.
  • Natural temperature regulation
  • Healthy indoor environment .

Well-being is guaranteed with the eco-friendly living.

However, the perks are only to be ensured if the construction is done through the Prefab method. Prefab and eco-friendly are synonymous. Aren’t they? Share your view.

Do you have regret for not being eco-friendly, amend it right now.

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