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Ever thought about building 57 story house within 19 days? Or beholding the parting sun from your balcony in the middle of a desert. Prefab homes are capable to do such miracle and………. much more.


We have churned out five amazing prefab constructions around the globe. Guess what, one of them dated back to the First World War. Still have doubt? Below are some of the greatest building constructed using prefab method.

1) China’s Mini Sky City

Hold your breath before you read the following words.

A gigantic 57-story building gets constructed in just 19 days. Call it magic of prefab construction or excellent architecture skill, China’s Mini Sky City ticks every criteria of a successful prefab venture.



This prefab building has 800 apartments. Now sky is the limit for prefab construction. Agree?

2) Melbourne’s prefab construction with six star energy rating:

Environment friendly criteria tops the list of picking up a prefab home. Melbourne’s One9 apartment tower proudly proves prefab construction’s capabilities with six star energy rating. It boasts a sleek design making it an attractive building. Located in inner fringe in Melbourne, it has 34 one and two bedroom apartments proving that prefab homes can be supreme place of cozy living.


002 Melbourne by Amnon Weber Architects

Insulated windows for superior thermal boosts the eco-friendly criteria of the building. Plus it has gray water recycling and solar hot water panels serving a responsible role to the environment.

3) Prefab home from First World War Era:

The concept of prefab home flourished way back in First World War era. In between Longbridge and Northfield Birmingham Austin Village in UK was built with prefab estates. As per the report, Herbert Austin built a new prefab estate for his employees in Turves Green in 1917 where his famous Austin car factory got engaged in making tanks and aircraft.

004AustinVillageHe imported 200 red cedar wood pre-fabricated bungalows from the Aladdin Company, Bay City, Michigan, USA. Old Austin Village showcases the power of the prefabricated construction.

4) A piece of Prefab Construction in middle of desert:

Designed by Marmol Radziner the Desert House in California, USA underlines one key aspect of the prefabricated construction. That prefab can be built anywhere.

desert house 4

Desert House’s 10 modules sprawled over 2000 square feet amid the Desert Hot Springs keeps the promise. Recycled steel, teak, glass, and cement tinted the color of desert sand have been used for home’s construction. The house offers best views of San Jacinto peak and the surrounding mountains. Was prefab home such divine? We wonder.

5) McDonalds love Prefab home: Believe it or not Prefab homes are the reason behind McDonalds’ renowned catch-line “I’m loving it!!!”

Lets go back to October 2000 to know the tryst of McDonalds and prefab home.

A massive flood washed England’s Uckfield doing serious damage to McDonald’s restaurant. Just two weeks later, that same McDonald’s was busy to handle the long queue of food lovers. How? Prefab homes do the trick with speed, quality and efficient commercial places.

009 mcdonalds

Since then McDonalds and Prefab Home has built up a great rapport. Fast construction procedure assures the giant food chain that they will not miss their customers. Wikipedia says they have set a record of constructing a building and opening for business within 13 hours.

Both new age home seekers and builders are breaking ground with innovative prefab homes. They even consider prefab homes better than conventional one. These top five construction sites underline the growth of prefab construction’s architectural skill and well as its versatility.

What is your pick among the five? Or do you have any other building in mind to add to this list. Let us know.

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