How to convert the mundane concrete into a lively dance floor?


Err… did you just say concrete floor?

The initial thought of having a concrete floor in your prefab house would certainly give you the idea of a mundane & cold look.

It’s because concrete is a traditional material and the gray color of the material is very boring. This is the reason why many of us would choose a colorful tiled floor over a concrete floor, right?

Even mosaic floors and marble floors look more vibrant than the concrete floors.

But the concrete floor is less expensive & has low maintenance cost when compared to the other varieties.

Concrete has the ability to take on color easily and portray a shiny appearance which is why it has become the latest favorite of many architects & home planners.

When adorned with stylish colors & pretty carpets, the concrete floor can turn even more elegant than those costly tiles. You just have to know how to color it & which color to choose.

The tools


Different ways can be adapted to color or dye the concrete depending upon the desired outcomes & the magnitude of the work.

The tools needed in the process can be found at any hardware store, artist supply outlets or home development retailers.

A high-volume low-pressure (HVLP) spray gun is the ideal option for most of the projects.

In this way the coverage will be uniform and puddles on the floor surface can be prevented.

When detailed work is required, a hand spray bottle, brushes of different sizes, scrubbers, and dusters are all that a painter needs.

So, here are the basic things that you will need for painting a concrete floor-

  • Foam or bristle brush of different sizes.
  • Sponges of different sizes.
  • Scrubbers for griming the dye into the surface
  • A pail for holding the paint
  • Sprayers of different sizes

How much money do you need to spend?

The cost of coloring concrete floors can range between 132 INR to 265 INR per square foot.

The cost is for the basic application of a single coat of the color with minimal surface prep and sealer.

The cost increases with the difficulty of the task.

When the concrete staining involves more detailed work incorporating artificial finishing, numerous designs, patterns, colors etc. made by sandblasting or saw cutting, the charge might go up to 996 INR since the skill and time required here is high in comparison.

What steps should be followed?

1. Clean & dry the concrete

To start with the process, you need to dry the concrete floor completely. You must make sure that any source of water is removed from the floor before commencing the task.

Do not forget to keep the special mask ready to save yourself from the harmful fumes.

If you lack enough patience, you can assign the task to a patient person as it is a time consuming affair. The floor must be allowed to dry meticulously after the application of every coat.

Wipe the concrete with a degreasing solution. You must wash the mop until its completely clean & then dry it for a few days.

For the cleaning process, an eco friendly cleaner like Krud Kutter prepaint cleaner (easily available in eBay) must be used.


Any traces of mosses and vines on the concrete must be removed.

A pressure washer can be used to clear off the leftover dirt. Also remove any traces of efflorescence from the concrete.

2. Remove the old paint

In the next step, you need to strip off the old stains from the wall. The strip task requires a wire bristle, a dye scraper that would cost around 660 INR, and a good amount of elbow grease. A power washer will remove old stains from the exterior parts of your prefab.

3. Block the inner walls

The interior walls must be sealed to prevent the external moisture to soak in through the porous concrete. This will prevent the growth of fungus & will eliminate the damp feel from the floor.

Epoxy Grouting can be used here as a masonry sealer to mend the cracks on the concrete floor. Take care while mixing, smearing, and preserving the sealer.

4. Apply primer

Our mission is to even out the floor and its texture after the application of the paint.

Concrete primers known as block primer, helps in filling pores & smoothening out the surface. Exterior-grade fillers can also be used for interior concrete surfaces.

The primer will dry within two hours and it is advised that you must paint before 30 days from then.

5. Finally, it’s ready to be painted


Elastomeric or masonry coatings are ideal for concrete painting due to its binding property which adjusts itself perfectly with the concrete.

Elastomeric paint is denser than exterior dye and has diverse shades.

A roller or a brush is all you need now to finish painting the floor.

Spray painting is another option for concrete coloring for which you will require some additional sprayers.

Let the first coat dry for a day & then proceed with the next coats. Two or three coats will be enough to paint the concrete floor of that prefabricated home.

At this point you can stop worrying about your ancestral house which has a concrete floor & the mere thought of remodeling it used to give you nightmares. Now you can comfortably convert that ancient house into a groovy party destination just by following these 5 easy steps. And when you throw that party, don’t forget to count me in!


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