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Stay away from that wall, it can cause cancer!

A freshly painted wall always seemed so new, vibrant & serene until I came across the news article alleging paints to be one of the prime causes behind the occurrence of lung cancer. Briefly speaking, not the paint itself but the inhalation of its smell can prove to be fatal for our health.

5 trendy materials for building you prefab home

The prefab maker can assist you to some extent by offering a gamut of materials that will include cement board, steel, wood, glass and aluminum. But then again the final choice must be yours.Need some assistance in making the right choice?Look no further. You’ve reached the right place where all your “materialistic” doubts will be cleared.
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Why India should build Smart City in Prefab technology?

Why not finalize our Smart Cities in prefab method? That's the question we first ask to us with conviction. And now the same question we want to ask to India with double conviction and a definite answer. Why should India build Smart Cities in prefab method? Before answering the question we need to first know what is Smart City.
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Meet Famous Prefab Construction in world

Prefab homes are capable to do such miracle and………. much more. We have churned out five amazing prefab constructions around the globe. Guess what, one of them dated back to the First World War. Still have doubt? Below are some of the greatest building constructed using prefab method.

What is prefab construction

Prefab building, the new trend in home construction. Classy, well-designed, architectural elegances, build in almost no time, at any desired location-- all, at a lesser cost than a traditional site built home.Here are a list of things you asked for and we think you need to know about this gripping fad!