Can Prefab Construction solve India’s Housing Problem?

Prefab can solve India's Housing Problem

New smart phone? Hell yeah!!!

New House? Big No!!!

Isn’t this ironic? Our basic demand of house has taken a back seat and we all are happy to corner it. We are ready to compromise.

In India, finding a house for living is a big challenge And, revealing stats are more gloomy.

Report says, India is estimated to be the home to 78 million homeless people, including 11 million street children.

Another one reports about lack of residential places in India and says-

“The current housing deficit in India stands at 19 million units, which, in the absence of any meaningful intervention, is slated to double to 38 million units by 2030.

Spine chilling? Aren’t they.

But, why the situation is so worse? For what good reason, we are before almost unconquerable puzzle?

Let’s find it-

Overgrowing population: Population in India is sky rocketing, currently at the second position in the World. Here is a stat showing the alarming growth-

Prefab can solve India's Housing Problem

(Staticstics Source-

And trend is indicating towards massive population growth in coming years. There is no secret that India is facing a serious challenge of habitation due to the population growth.

Hasty and Unplanned Urbanisation: India’s urbanisation is impromptu and haphazard. The extended part of all the big cities tried to shelter the migrated people.

prefab can solve India's Housing Problem

But, that was never a tangible solution of the housing problem. Cities get overcrowded and the room for housing gets stifled.

Unemployment: The reason for India’s housing problem is spiral and inter connected with each other. Most cities are overcrowded and prone to housing problem.


Prefab can solve Housing Problem

Promise of jobs in metro cities. Unemployed people try their luck in the city making it cluttered and competitive for the room seekers.

Nuclear Families: India’s long loved united family concept is a myth in present time. People are now preferred to stay in small family, giving headache to already bitter situation of India’s housing problem.

High Price: This is a perfect nail on the coffin. As if all those overcrowding and population were not enough, India’s “House for All” dream has encountered the financial compulsion.

There are mammoth apartments but certainly beyond middle class families’ capacity. Result, battle for houses.

Situation looks tragic. Right? And, guess what, the tragedy does not end there.

Reasons of India’s housing problem has left influence over our way of living and environment. How?

Unhygienic Living: Scarce living space compel one to compromise with the living standards. Most rooms including slums are built unscientifically. They are devoid of proper sanitation and ventilation, water supply, poor wastage clearance management.

Prefab can solve India's Housing Problem

Collectively, they make a huge impact on the lifestyle and human health. Only a better and scientific housing settlement can do better the situation.

Pollution: Unhygienic living is a massive reason behind pollution. Poor waste management and inadequate sanitation do a massive harm to environment. In long term, damage is brought upon the complete eco-system.

A better housing facilities can prevent the toll on environment.

Disease: Unhygienic living in crowded area in India is a major reason of contagious diseases. Reports say that heavily populated slum areas are  mostly vulnerable before virus and acute diseases. If we fail to find a sound answer to housing problem, the situation will be worse in coming days.

The list has a long tail. But, What about the remedies?

Prefab construction is the answer of India’s headache- “The Great Housing Problem”. 

Why we are so confident? Let us allow to construct the reason one by one-

Quick and Hassle Free Construction: Time is against us to fix India’s housing problem. Population is growing in massive number and the space for living is getting scarce. Day by day. Hour by hour. Prefab construction can overcome the challenge.

The advantage of Prefab method is it’s quick construction. Built in factories and assembled in predetermined site, prefab building has the ability to solve the great riddle called “Housing Problem”.

Prefab’s quick construction is powered by-

  • Proper Planning and through observance during factory works.
  • Hassle free work system due to majority of the factory works.
  • Work is not affected by weather delays or material shortage.

Cost Effective: Giving shelters to more than 20 million people is not a matter of joke. It requires a strong financial back up. Here concept of affordable housing can work wonder.

The concept speaks a volume of “House for all”. And, Prefab Construction was conceptualized to provide shelter to all.

In one word, with systematic approach and proper mechanism, prefab construction is a viable option of affordable housing.

Prefab is cost effective as it is free from-

  • No work delay due to proper factory work and superb execution.
  • Better material management.
  • Flexibility in choosing materials.

There is no hidden cost in Prefab Construction. The house is built in factory and assembled in the site. It paves way for less labor hassle.

Mark the last word- Prefab construction is cost effective than the traditional building construction.

Use Recycled Products: Nothing is useless in flexible Prefab Construction.

Range of materials used for construction is diverse. Recycled materials play a big role giving that extra edge.

Wood for wall, or bamboo for interior decoration-  options are multiple with Prefab Construction.

Furthermore, advanced materials such as sandwich-structured composite can be easily used, improving thermal and sound insulation and air tightness.

Such adaptability in construction is not feasible with conventional construction. This standalone quality makes the mother earth secure for future generation. In short, prefab is ideal for Eco-friendly living.

And the benefit of such variety of materials and construction technique-

India’s housing problem needs to be addressed in smart way. In our quest of a quick solution of housing headache, we should not invite bitter future.

Using prefab method and environment friendly materials, we can easily resolve the concerns.

Access to remote areas: Land is a big hiccup to make India habitable for all. Because, the amount of land is fixed but the growth of population is certainly not. So, will we continue to build high rise building?

May be or may be not.

What about building house in remote areas? Prefab can do the impossible task with ease.

Constructed in factory and assembled in site, prefab construction can be set up over mountains or in jungle. Now, will that solve housing problem? Of course not. Message implied here is not asking them  to live in mountain or forest, but, showing the potential of prefab home.

Prefab homes come in various forms and styles. Modular homes or Shipping Container Homes can be a  practical option to bury the housing problem on emergency basis.

In a nutshell, utilize the flexibility of the Prefab. It can open the door of new possibilities and your dream home.

And History is on Prefab’s side:

Looking at Prefab to solve housing problem is not an innovative step. It has been tried earlier and result was satisfactory.

In fact, Prefab construction came into limelight with it’s potential to build mass housing after World War II. There were loses and sufferings, and war-ridden nations like United States and UK needed affordable bulk mass accommodation. They opted for Prefabricated homes.

prefab can solve india's housing problem

History says, almost 160,000 houses had been built in the UK by 1948 and more than 1,100 were built after World War 2 in Belle Vale (South Liverpool) using Prefab Construction.

Present situation is no less serious than that. And, prefab’s success story is a big silver lining. With today’s better technology and innovation, prefab construction has the potential to find an answer to India’s housing problem.

But, what are the benefits of Prefabricated Construction? Well, if adopted right way, prefab construction can bring some revolutionary changes. Below is the strength of the Prefab…

Eco-friendly Construction: Unlike other construction process, Prefab does less harm on environment. Rather it makes effort to protect mother earth. Recycled material have a large role to play in Prefab construction.

Majority of prefab construction takes place in factory works ensuring less noise and dust.

Reduce energy consumption: Prefab construction often use renewable energy for energy supply of the house. Flexibility in prefab mechanism provides the chances of trying such innovation.

Waste Management: Less waste is created during any prefab construction. Furthermore, the waste goes under recycled process minimizing the chances of pollution.

Smart and Scientific Living: Prefab construction gives prime focus on the smart living. Modern architecture is used to build the sanitation, ventilation, energy supply of the prefab house.

High Quality: Prefabricated construction ensures a high quality in construction. The factory work and frequent surveillance ticks all the boxes for a better product.

Safe construction: Process of construction needs to be hassle free while building millions of houses are at hand. Prefab perfectly does that.

As the prefab homes are built in a controlled environment, the process eliminates the risk of mold, mildew, rust, and sun damage that can often lead to human respiratory problems.

Will India go Prefab?

Prefabricated construction can lead India’s “House for All” mission. We are confident. We have trust on Prefab’s firmness, agility and affordability. And, we want you by our side.

Here, we have placed the logic, evidence from history and urgency of present to interpret our belief.

Evaluate them, start the discussion, raise the debate. But, do fast. Before, as they say in old words – “Better Late than Never”.

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